Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LDAP in UCS firmware version 1.4.1


I found this article on LDAP integration in firmware version 1.4.1.. I tried it in my lab and it worked just fine. I used ADSI edit to pull out the needed DN info and I created all the groups contained in the article. I tested all items and it worked great.

ADSI edit info pulled in my lab:

a. BaseDN   DC=omat,DC=tec,DC=msi
b. BindDN:CN=ucs user,OU=Service Accounts,DC=omat,DC=tec,DC=msi
c. Bind password:  Nbv12345
d. Filter: sAMAccountName=$userid
e. Roles:
ucsaaa       CN=ucsaa,OU=UCSGroups,DC=omat,DC=tec,DC=msi
ucsadmin     CN=ucsadmin,OU=UCSGroups,DC=omat,DC=tec,DC=msi
ucsnetwork   CN=ucsnetwork,OU=UCSGroups,DC=omat,DC=tec,DC=msi
ucsoperation CN=ucsoperation,OU=UCSGroups,DC=omat,DC=tec,DC=msi
ucssecurity  CN=ucssecurity,OU=UCSGroups,DC=omat,DC=tec,DC=msi
ucsstorage   CN=ucsstorage,OU=UCSGroups,DC=omat,DC=tec,DC=msi

UCS side:

Putty side:

Happy Authenticating!


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