Wednesday, December 12, 2012

UCS 2.1 Emulator Released

Happy Holidays Everyone,

Feel like taking UCSM 2.1 for a test drive? Go to the Cisco Developer Site and download the new UCSM 2.1 emulator. It does require VM Player or VMware Workstation but is a great assest if you wish to test and develop best practices on Cisco UCS.


Cisco UCS 2.1 Released

Thinking about updating to UCSM version 2.1? There are many features in UCSM 2.1 that make the upgrade worth wild for sure. With support for UCS Central, Firmware auto install and VLAN groups and permissions, this is sure to be another game changer for Cisco.

The following is a list of features delivered in this release:
Cisco UCS Central Support ***
Cisco UCS C-Series Server Integration through Single Wire Management
Default vNIC and vHBA Behavior Policies
Fault Suppression
FCoE Uplink Ports
FCoE Port Channels
Fibre Channel Zoning
Firmware Auto Install ****
Firmware Cross-Version Support
LAN/SAN Connectivity Policies for Service Profile Configuration
Multicast Policy
Scheduled backups *****
Service Profile Renaming *****
Support for discovery of flash I/O devices (Fusion I/O and LSI flash cards)
Support for Multiple Receive Queue Support (MRQS) on Linux
Troubleshooting Enhancements for Finite State Machine (FSM) processes
Unified Uplink Ports
Unified Uplink Port Channels
Unified Storage Ports
vCon Assignment and Distribution
VLAN Port Count Optimization
VLAN Groups
VLAN Permissions
VM-FEX Integration for Hyper-V SRIOV
VM-FEX Integration for KVM (Red Hat Linux) SRIOV

Happy flashing and make sure to read the upgrade guides.