Monday, October 4, 2010

When to use updating templates on vNICS or vHBAs

To update or not to update? With vNIC/vHBA templates is always a question.

When creating a vNIC or vHBA template I always temped to choose the "updating template" option. By far there are more good than bads but you as a UCS admin must explore the risks. The main risk is causing an outage without any notice, not good from any prospective. With updating templates you must know that all virtual interfaces bound to this template will be updated immediately with any change made to the template. This can be very powerful with it comes to adding new VLANs, but can be very dangerous when it comes to policy changes.

Take for instance you have a new VLAN that needs to be added to your UCS environment. If the template is updating, all you do is add the new VLAN to the global VLAN list within UCS and then update your interface template VLAN list. Done! The new VLAN is operational immediately with no reboot required. Though most changes do not require a reboot, always plan for it and follow the directions of any dialog box presented to you.

Happy updating! 


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